Parents to Accept Me to marry their daughter and give their blessings

by Kelvin (Eket, Akwa-Ibom Nigeria)

O’Lord my God. I give you my total life every day. I live for you alone. Let thy will be done concerming my relationship between me and my fiancee. My love knew now boundry or tradition as I give my love to whom so ever it pleases You Lord that I should give. It has been so good for the past seven years that we were in this relationship and we give you all glory for the happiness and fulfilment you gave us. Lord, if this relationship pleases you..let no tradition or my tribe or my childhood polio be the barrier for us. Lord..I promise to live for you nomatter the decision you take concerning us. Please lord, Let thy will be done on us.

For all the people undergoing this painful situation like us..I pray for God’s mercies in all of us in Jesus name.

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