Owning Respect

by adriana ()

My Lord, there is something pondering in my mind. I’m trying so hard to understand the concepts of your ways, but other people find it so contradictory. What has come across my fascinating mind is that we don’t have to earn respect. The reason I say this is because, it is stated in the bible lessons that when we belong to you we are automatically honored and respected. I find that extraordinary! The only reason is there should be no reason that a person of my nature should be down right treated in a demeaning and degrading way, when all your people are honored and respected no matter what they do! I sometimes wonder, what has made me so different that any other mortal being? Is it the fact that people are just prejudice of my ongoing natural ability to shine in some manner? Well, if that is the case why haven’t you deliberately stopped your people in the word of God? You are the only who encourages all your people to stand out of the crowd and shine for you! You also say not to be so judgmental on people so much that you can’t see past your nose! Sometimes, I find it so easy for life to work for someone else, but what about me? Oh, Lord, forgive me but life has sent it’s blows in a dramatic way as it so seems. God please heal my wounds and help me to reflect on your love no matter where I’m at! Please forgive me if I’m in somewhat of a bitter mood where the people around me are getting down right moody! Lord, your all together lovely, and want you to fill me with you unconditional loving spirit. Lord, hear my prayer! Amen.

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