Overwhelming Thanks and Help

St. Jude,

Thank you for the amazing and miraculous intercession that you have made in my life. Everyday, I can feel the darkness in my soul recede and dissipate. I was in such a hopeless place so many times, but the way in which I react to it is so much more hopeful and positive once St. Jude came into my life.

HE led me to the Lord, who is all knowing and without whom, nothing can be accomplished. My mind and body struggle against the Lord at times, but I give all to him, my worries and cares, my heart and soul, and the direction of my life. I am so blessed and so thankful for the father’s provisions. I would not be alive and full of hope if it weren’t for the Lord.

I love his grace and mercy and the beauty and miraculous hope he beems into our lives. Lord, thank you so much for letting us stay in this home and keep the electricity and car. I am so thankful for deliverence from this asthma which has plaugued me for weeks. I can breathe and every breath feels wonderful knowing it stems from the Lord’s graciousness. Thank you for our family, and all of the love and hope that they bring.

Lord, thank you for the child support, food stamps, and medicaid. They help us live in a harsh world. Thanks for the ability for my husband to get a better job and his interview. Lord, thank you for the ability to pay bills, have a car, home, and electric, and the ability to buy groceries. Lord, thank you for my husband’s job, the income, and experience that he is obtaining. Thanks for the new start, my ability to be a stay at home mom, my husband’s sobriety, and my better self esteem. St. Jude pulled me out of the deepest despair and showed me how much love there is to be found even when everything seems hopeless.

The Lord is so good; our father loves and protects us. I wish to offer all of my glory up to him and hope he is pleased with my life. I love the Father and can feel his presense daily. I feel that without him, I would have nothing and I am absolutely floored by the amazing miracles he has performed in my life. Lord, please I humbly beg may we not lose our home, electric or car. Please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically.

Lord, please let us receive full child support, food stamps and medicaid. Please let us be able to pay all of our bills timely, have a car, electric and home, and be able to buy groceries. Lord, please let my husband receive a better job that is more lucrative and treats him better. Please let us meet all of obligations, let me be a stay at home mom, and let us lead a happy and financially stable and successful life.

In your holy name. Praise the Lord!