Overwhelmed and can’t handle anymore

by Toni (Georgia)

Oh GOD , I know that some of my actions have angered you and made you disappointed in me but I pray that you turn your head away from my sins and help me as I am giving up.Ifeel empty and like fighting to keep going is a waste as I will not succeed so I ask that you restore faith and the power to rebuke the enemy that is holding my back.I ask that you blot out any transgressions I have and have mercy on me I beg and weepingly plee..Oh forgive me oh GOD and help me to resist the enemies as they are many and I am getting weary from fighting. I ask for a Financial blessing on me and my family Oh GOD as my circumstances are dire and desperate. I cannot sleep or eat ,I go through the days like a zombie.I at times have horrible thoughts of ridding myself of all these struggles and woe but still I hold on though I’m battered and torn, I’ll keep searching for the eye of this storm.

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