Overturning a Guilty Verdict on Academic Dishonesty


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Pray for me that I am able to show Dr. N, that the Dean of Students did not follow the right protocol in handling my case before and after the Student Disciplinary Hearing and during the investigation phase. Also pray for me that I am able to show him that Dr. T did not treat me fairly in his class and that the ‘F’ I was given in his class does not reflect the kind of student I am.

Finally, I ask that Dr. Nelsen can see that the evidence I am going to present to him today (04/02/13) will convinve him that the Dean of Students along with Dr. T made a lot of false allegations against me. I ask that Dr. N rules in my favor and dismiss the case or change my grade from an ‘F’ to a ‘DR’ or delete the grade from my transcript completely.

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