Overcoming paralyzing fear

by Franklin ()

My prayers go out to all of you that are in need right now my heart is with you.
It’s hard for the words to even come out of my mouth but I walked away from an abusive relationship. I lost everything due to staying in this very unhealthy relationship,
I’m a very well educated woman. Sometimes I found it so shocking that I was mired in this type of relationship I worked hard to put myself through school and graduate school and had wonderful parents and grandparents lost them at a relatively young age,
Yet they gave me plenty of guidance and wisdom .
I’ve prayed a lot throughout my life but I was so ashamed because I was so manipulated in this relationship that I turned away from the Lord cuz I felt like I wasn’t doing the right thing by him,I Walk the Line so straight my whole life but here I was getting emotionally and physically abused and was so ashamed that in the end I finally got the courage to walk away but I’ve lost everything house job, Investments friends,
I was a passenger in a very bad car accident which left me trying to get back from being on disability and it was very tough and that’s when when the abuse started my job was still there after a year but I wasn’t well enough, and apparently I wasn’t providing enough attention to him and needed to lean on hi, my friends were there supporting me, but when the abuse started I was so ashamed that I turned away from everyone
long story short, I finally walked away and I have nothing now and I could really use people’s prayers to let me know that I will overcome this fear and loneliness and anxiety and that there still is Hope, so pray for me and I could use any words of encouragement and wisdom thank you God bless

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  1. Praying for you.

    I Pray that GOD will replace whatever you lost with better! You deserve to be happy & Trust that JESUS will walk with you every step of the way until you’re where you need to be! There’s no great love than the love from GOD! The battle may seem rough but always remember this battle isn’t yours, it’s the LORD’S! You were given enough strength to walk away…. Oh please know that you’re not alone! Better is coming sooner rather than later for you. I’m a living Testimony!! The road ahead of you will be straighten so you can walk the straight & narrow! Victory is yours today! Amen!

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