Overcoming my lack of commitment to you Lord.

by Quentin (South Africa)

Please God, help me to find your strength and overcome this obsession I have by defying your will and abusing my gift from you, I am overcome with guilt and sorrow and am in an endless downward spiral and sinning more and more with this substance I’m killing my soul with, not only jeopardising the people whom love me and letting them feel the consequences of my sin, please have mercy on me for as I feel

worthless and don’t know if I can be forgiven, for I am slowly giving up as this is not a life my mother deserves, I know what I must do and I have all the facilities but as I’m praying this I lack the drive to overcome and forgive myself yet again, this trap I’m in has destroyed my life, and I can speak the words and believe only you can save me, I just lack the power to commit, please lay the holy spirit over me so that I can beat these withdrawals and live the life you have given me free from my sin, I’m tired of hurting and I’m tired of letting you down, I believe your miracle can set me free from my overwhelming mind, I write this prayer in your name and desperately hope that I can end this fear I have, please God set me free, amen…

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