Overcoming my debts

by Ana (Marikina Philippines)

Dear God: Please help me… I am drowning because of my debts. I am full of anxiety and stress. I cannot perform my duties in my work and household. My mind is full of fears because I don’t know where to get money just to pay all my debts. My creditors never stop calling me. I don’t have the courage to answer them because I cannot give a concrete commitment to pay them all. It is very humiliating experience because I began to call and send messages to all my relatives, friends and clients asking if they have spare money just to lend me. The only way I could pay them off is to sell the house. I hope and pray that tomorrow’s meeting with the buyer will turnout well for both of us. Please help me and my family.

Please give us financial freedom. Please us peace. Please guide us. Please give us strength , hope and happiness that we will overcome this trial. I need your help dear Lord. Please help me thru the help of the prayer warriors. Amen.

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