Overcoming Doubt and Fear

by JP ()

My prayer is that God will give me strength to overcome my doubts and fears. While facing a civil lawsuit, a criminal lawsuit, a pending divorce, I often doubt the He is hearing my pleas to ease this terrible situation. Of course I’m asking for a miracle x 3. I know of his miracle making abilities, based of of scripture. I’m not asking him to raise someone from the dead, give a blind person his sight, make a lame person walk, I just want some of this awful crisis in my life to go away. He has ways of making that happen, this I know and believe. I’m very selfish I suppose, as I realize many people have it much worse than me and would probably trade places with me in a heartbeat. I’ve been fighting these evil people for 3.5 years and I’m getting worn down and out. Please ask God for strength to know that His master plan is much better than mine and to take away my doubts and fears that He has it ALL under control. God Bless each of you prayer warriors.

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