Overcome with Worry

by X (USA)

Dear St. Jude, I let worry and anxiety run/ruin my life and relationships. On top of this I added sin after sin. I was so lost. I’ve been a constant trouble and worry to my parents. I’ve hurt other Christians/people of good will and I wanted to do good. I was starting over with my spouse and ruined that too. There are many people in our life that were against us. One in particular who made everyone miserable (an overbearing bully). Please intercede for those I have hurt and those that need real help and healing. My sister, my SON, my grandchildren. My parents: they are elderly and I love them very, very much. I am sorry about so many things I’ve done/people I’ve hurt/misled. Please take my petitions to our loving God. I wanted to help everyone and ended up messing everything up and hurting/confusing them. I am sorry. I am dumb, but was learning to let go and then messed up a blessing really bad. I don’t know how to forgive myself/move up/on. I need forgiveness. I used to wake up and thank God for everyday of life. I was happy to be alive! Everyday was a new day and I was ready and eager for new opportunities to serve and grow. Now, I feel as if the lights are out. Please open up doors for my family. Give them hearts to hear. I wanted so much for them to know God’s unconditional love. I love them all so much. That’s all. 🙁 I don’t like life/me anymore. I am lonely and sad for what I have done. I wanted us all to be one big happy and it was not and then I hurt special souls who are very cherished and loved. I am not special. I was just happy and thankful for life and wanted to share the Good News too.

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