out of debt prayer

by Octoberia (Rising Sun)

Dear God,please forgive me for asking Your help.forgive me for asking You to help us out f dept..It is not for my own luxury or my own comforts but for the sake of the peoples that i care and love..I am asking You,please My Dear good Lord,give me,us another chance..help us to get out of dept..give us Your hands for help..please help us,,help us to make it happen..let us recieve the help we need..in behalf of the family of the company staff,hes family and my family please give us the help we need..I am begging You ,please give us Your help..please listen to my prayers..Forgive me Dear good Lord for asking Your help to this regard..Given the chance to do Your work,from my heart,I am willingly,heartilly do the help the best i can to everyone..So please listen,and please HELP ME GOD..

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