Our Minds and Hearts

by Cassandra ()

My husband and I are going through mental issues. He has fits of rage about small things and has taken to insulting people he thinks are underlings and stupid which is most people. The insults are filthy and racist and not based on proper observation of the situation he is ranting about. The racist insults especially shock me because I am black and he is white Canadian. This started about a year and a half ago after he ended his affair with a woman he met online. When he came back home he was a whole different sort of narcissistic monster. He doesn’t yell at me but I am tired of having to apologise to people and we live in a small town so word spreads around; he has even been banned from some places. In my case I tripped over my dogs and cracked the back of my head. I was in a coma for over a year and woke up with almost no memory, lack of agility, back pain and intense fear because the world had changed with COVID just beginning to take over. My pineal gland was pierced so I have all emotions all over the place and need to stabilize and clarify my mind so I can rebuild my life and live a normali-sh life instead of being mildly agoraphobic. We both need that peace that surpasses understanding in hearts and minds and for our relationship to get back to the sweet loving union it was. His rage is out of control and I worry about it affecting his work or him getting arrested. I am vulnerable and would like more faith so I can be stronger from the inside out. Jesus knows how to mend us, ask Him to mend/repair us peace. Plus job security for William and me to find my purpose in life. Peace, joy and harmony are needed plus a lot of faith. Thank you and God bless.
P.s. He leaves for work tomorrow for two weeks and I am worried about him being there without me to calm him down, please also pray for work to go smoothly and for him to be calm, respectful and efficient.

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