Our marriage was not legally on paper

by Nataly (Kenner,Louisiana, United States)

Our marriage was not legally on paper. We never turned in the paper in time because we were so busy going through so much stuff after the ceremony. We were so excited to get married that we forgot the paper on our way out of state to get married. Then soon as we got back it was saturday and we had to leave for our honey moon. On top of that we got back and everything just began to go down hill. Everything in the house broke. The landlord wouldnt fix anything. We refused to pay him until it was fixed. We went to court and all of the hard earned rent we were holding was eventually used to move and put stuff in storage. Good thing we had family to help us but our marriage was suffering. My husband was seeking comfort elsewhere. He sought comfort through his weakness of women. I nagged him and bothered him because i wanted him to be stronger than that. I expected him to not be weak anymore. As of now we had four kids and got married after making 6 years together. From his job laying him off he had to move to Dallas for me to have to stay in Louisiana alone. For he took the kids to help me so i wouldn’t lose my job as well. It was hard because not only was the only thing important to me the foundation that we had united under God was falling apart but as a mother being away from my children 8 months, 3,4,and 5 years old it was hard. On top of that feeling homeless from staying with family and my husband falling into seduction of another woman. Today now he does not want us. He claims i was too focused on what he was doing that I was focusing on what we were going through. That to me was definitely not true. I was working everyday. Yes i was an emotional wreck but i prayed for him. & I tried to talk to him. We could never find alone time to talk being in families home that was smaller than we were used to. Now hes taking this woman serious and I have gotten my children for the children being watched by unreliable ppl were making it hard for his new job. I pray everyday and try to have faith that God will change his heart. That God will make our marriage work. Its hard when the one you love and have stuck by through thick and thin… Won’t stick by you through thick and thin. The last time i saw him… He was even more distant. He was no longer wearing his ring. He was committing adultery with any women that walked with two legs…. Its been hard. I’ve forgiven him but i cannot forget. I want to make it work because i know God intended for us to be for each other. I know he is blinded right now by a fantasy. I just hope that God can help him seek him rather than ungodly things.I hope that God will help him to realize the things that he is doing. I hope that he can help him to repent once he realizes. I also hope that my husband can come back to us and this time for good. That he would commit his life to God. That maybe then our marriage will mean something to him, Now a days marriage is just a piece of paper. To me it isn’t. Regardless of the paper our covenant was sacred and witnessed by not Only God & a pastor but by both of our families on his ancestors land. Please pray for our daughters so they dont suffer because of his actions or mine behind his. & Please pray for my husband and I that we may be able to work through this. I pray for restoration in this marriage. I pray for the accomplice to see her wrongs as well and to repent them to God. I pray she finds someone who does belong to her and that it won’t be someone else’s husband. I pray that the Lord gives me strength to be firm with my beliefs. I pray that I can have faith that God is working on our family. I pray that God will place his love all over my husband so that he can steer clear of his weaknesses when times get rough or when times are at their best. I pray that God speaks volumes into his heart and into the other womens hearts as well. I pray that God spares my children to not suffer for our sins. In the almighty name of Jesus I pray that is done.


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