Our Marriage needs You now, more than ever

by Brandy ()

My Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the many blessings you’ve provided in my life. Thank you for always loving me.
I know I pulled my marriage into a dark place, by denying help for depression for so long. I prayed for all the wrong things…control, in a sense. I was wrong. I learned that when I finally got into therapy. I ask now, instead, for You to hold my husband. I pray for his heart, on which I’ve caused so much strife. He is a strong man, but while denying my faults and blaming him, our depression roles have been reversed. Lord I ask forgiveness for the pain and damage I’ve caused. Like I did while depressed, he now wants a divorce. I know that is not what you want for us, so I’m asking, please, unharden my husbands heart towards me. I’m thankful he’s finally going to get some counseling, though not through church. He feels like he cannot come to you. So I pray that you seek him out, and comfort him. Please show him your grace, please fill him up with your love. I pray that as he first helps himself, he will begin to see my worth again. That he can better understand depression, which he still denies has these controls. I rebuke all evil from myself my spouse our child our home and our marriage, in Jesus name I pray. You have no power here, and you must leave now! I pray for his peace, while he cannot pray for himself. I ask forgiveness for my many sins. I am ashamed of what I had become. Thank you Lord for giving me an amazing husband who only encouraged my recovery, even when I was less than receptive. I pray that you will hold us together, until we can do it again ourselves. I pray that you will protect this marriage from divorce and all other ill or evil forces.
Lord Jesus, I thank you…please hear my prayer

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