Our marriage is under attack

by Peggy ()

My husband has grown bitter and resentful. He no longer goes to church and I am not sure he prays. He has stated maybe we should just call it quits. He has been treating me with contempt and disdain. Both of us have been self centered and self serving but I know we can both be transformed and our love can not only be renewed, it can be made new in the model of Jesus and the church, but my husband has to want this too and I feel like he has given up. Please pray that God will meet his deepest needs, convey to him that when he promised to love me, that wasn’t a feeling that the pastor was talking about, it was a commitment and a promise made before God and really to God. Pray that whatever is causing him to be in darkness and causing him to isolate himself, that God reveals these things to him, protects him from Satan, calls him back to the fold, and transforms both of us so we can be an example for others of what a Christian marriage looks like. Also, pray that I don’t lose hope and that I can feel the love of God while I am not feeling the love of my spouse during this very trying time. Thank You.

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