Our lives in your hands. Lord. Hear our Prayer.

by TM (CA)

Please God help with my marriage, and please let us receive more income so that we can keep up with all the bills piling in. Money issues have caused a tremendous burdon on our marriage, and so has my husband’s family members and friends. Please God – give us time and peace together, without their constant intercessions and distractions, so that we may discover our love again. We have three young children who are heartbroken. To lose their dad, their home, everything they own,…and no way to pay the bills is just too much for them or us. Please open my husbands eyes up…open up his heart to us……keep evil AWAY from us, so that we may heal and repair our marriage and family. Please allow us to EARN enough money to get our home back and pay the bills without burden. Please God..you said that if we ask, we shall receive. We have been asking, and asking and asking for so long now…………….. Can you PLEASE help us?? All is Good in your name. By our faith . we are putting our hearts, and and lives into your hands…..AMEN.

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