our friendships are splitting and breaking

by Jenna (Forney, Texas)

so, about 4 or 5 months ago me and about 5 other people started praying for a friend group or even a friend to lift us up and help us grow in our relationships with Christ. now, we didnt know that each of us were praying these things, because we had never spoken to each other. a month after these prayers started, God gave each of us 9 incredible God serving, Jesus following, real genuine friends. we have been blessed with experiences of mission trips and camps together. we grew so close in the summer and would hang out a lot outside of church. but school came, and now our friendships are slowly breaking and people are falling from Christ and just not seeming to want to be around most of us anymore. i need prayer because i dont know what i would do without them. God has truly blessed all of us and i dont want to lose that because a couple of us decided to not put God first anymore. i absolutely love these people and crave for them to take mature steps in their faith. i need God to heal these relationships. He has provided and He can take away. if He does take away, we need contentment and peace in Him. we need joy and people to lift us up. bless these relationships, Jesus.