Our Father please take my hand

by Lori (US)

Dear Lord.

I have prayed and prayed for help. I am alone and afraid I do not feel I can take any more, I lost my job have had no money come in now for 2.5 months, have to leave my home can not pay the rent, have not payed any bills so will lose car and have dept collectors looking for me. I am hungry, so afraid, so alone, and in such dispair I can not deal with each day as each one brings more problems and bbadness, seems it is never ending. Please help me with a money blessing not asking for a huge amount just enough to pay my bills and cover myslef until I find a job, I have to send my 2 dogs to the pound which breaks my heart as they are inocent and now will suffer due to my problems, silly I know but they are my friends and depend on me so have let them down, homeless in just over a week from now, please be with me I pray you will hear me and take my hand and help me out of this, the crying is to much the fear and worry have taken their toll, I just can not take anymore bad, please now help me to move upward.

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