Our Family

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My health due to rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, my daughters mental and emotional instability as well as my sons emotional issues. My health has caused financial issues that seem insurmountable. My 12 year old daughter has issues that have led her to cause physical damage to our house and furniture. It is not fit to live in, but we have no where else to go. My car has so many problems and isn’t reliable. Between my doctor’s appointments w/all the specialist that I am required to see and my daughter’s counseling sessions (almost $200/per session). No matter how much I try to clean, she destroys/undoes what I do. I’m just returned to work after almost a year off due to back surgery caused by the arthritis. This was just a year after having been off for 6 months from partial knee replacement. Now my foot is broken in 2 places & my arthritis is staying flared-up because of the stress. My son is working out of state and helps me, but it’s put him in financial difficulty which isn’t fair to him. This keeps him away from his 2 year old son for months at a time. Please help our family through prayer.

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