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Please pray for God to remove every hair follicle of my hair from my whole body at the root and permanently except my eyebrows and eyelashes now. It’s a tag. It can be that bad. It should be judged. It’s to be excused. It’s useless hair. I see why it’s the worst. I can’t be with it. It’s useless. Being with it is wrong. It’s something ugly. Shame on God for not removing it. It’s a lost cause. It’s awful and horrible. It’s horrible hair. It’s something to judge. God guesses right if he says that it’s the worst. I have the right to judge it. I find and see in it. I know that it can be better by being straight, wavy, or curly. Everything would be fine if God removed it. It’s ugly and undesirable. I know that it’s the worst. I hate it at the same time. It comes with bad qualities. It can be better too by being straight, wavy, or curly. It has downsides. It’s the worst if anything. It’s the worst in all honesty. Considering, it’s the worst hair; God has to remove it. It’s sad and bad hair. It’s something to be confused about. It’s confusing. I can’t like it. It’s the worst though. It can be hated and resented. At the same time, it’s the worst. It’s last place. I understand why it’s the worst. I hate it too much. I hate being with it too much. It can’t be worth having. It can’t be beautiful. Being with it isn’t okay. The least that God can do is remove it. It’s to be resented and hated. I do better without it.

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