opportunity to make money now so that I can support my family

Lord. Thank you for another day to do your will. I often fail to meet your requirements but you still love me and give me another shot. You are loving and kind, and I give you praise and glory everyday of my life. Lord, another day has come and gone and my needs keep growing. I’d like to ask for your help in obtaining more wealth for my me and my family. I continue to need more money to support and grow the family that you gave me. I’m not sure how to obtain more money other than working for it, however my business has gone bankrupt and I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to find work and other ways to make money, but it’/ takeing a lot of time that I don’t have. Also, the work I have found can provide the money I need further down the road, but I can’t wait a year and need a salary now. I doubt I’m going to win the lotto, so I’d like to ask you for an opportunity to make money now so that I can support my family, have another baby, buy new clothes for my wife, and move into a bigger apartment. Thank you for listening to my prayer. Amen

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