Open their eyes and ears to see and hear you, Lord!

by Alicia Feliciano ()

Mother is 87, strongwill, body Catholic, I have been praying for her for the last 45yrs. Since I came to Jesus Christ.needs deliverance and healing. For:My husband, lusting after flesh since I’ve known him. Is in denial. My oldest daughter,had a stroke recently for worrying a lot. Youngest, has been diagnosed with degenerative MS. Has no insurance, husband not care, she’s angry with God, saids she had prayed for 10yrs. and nothing happened. Both daughters are saved, but left the walk when they met their mates. Oldest left home and went to live with hers, youngest was stalked by hers for 3 yrs til she joined him. Don’t know how else to pray for them. They both need healing & deliverance from deceit and lies of enemy. Thank you for praying..I’m a prayer worrier myself, it is frustrating after 45 years of praying to not see a change. I’ve been to the courts and prayed for all that I can think of in the past Generations for myself & my family. thank you

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