Open the door dear Saviour

by Carol (Niagara Falls, Canada)

Almighty God, I pray to you today to open the door of employment for my husband. He has not worked in two years. I know you have a plan for him as you have a plan for us all. We believe in your power Lord Jesus Christ.

Come to us today with you blessed hand and show him the way.Open the door and light up our lives as you always do. We are grateful to have you in our life dear Lord and we ask that you touch us with your hand and guide us down the correct path.
We are feeling very low today Lord, it seems we need you now more than ever to give us strength. We know you are here for us and you will not ever let us walk alone.

Please God help him to find what he needs to sustain his family and to give him back the faith he has lost in himself. In this I pray to you oh Lord God.