Open My Soul

by Ben (Missouri)

The fog of sleep has lifted,
And dreams have fled away.
My sand-filled eyes crack open
Upon a brand new day.
The gold of dawn is brilliant,
Illuminating all.
The sounds of nature singing,
Upon my ears do fall.
A new creation calls me.
Come what might and what may,
Opportunity beckons:
I now join a new day.
My Lord and Precious Father,
You have sustained my life.
You keep and guide your children,
Secure through peace and strife.
Phlegmatic spirits leave me;
Illusions flee what’s true.
Open My Soul, O’ Father,
That I, in grace, may view
Your higher more golden light,
That shines from Heaven’s Quay,
Circumspect comprehension,
To help me face the day.

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