Open my path of toward guidance, security, & financial

by Nekisha (Millbrook)

I need a super natural blessing within my household and deliverance from things that’s blocking my path of a clear direction. I am in need of a new social group of people who could help me strengthen Myself toward my lack of endurance. I need a special prayer within structuring my children and grand baby in the right path. I am in a financially bind bc my daughter lost her job and she needs help toward getting a job that is suitable toward scheduling a daycare for her baby.

I have been fighting as a single mother for a long time and I have 3 children and my oldest is 19. It seems like it’s never enough to pay my debt. Please pray for me for a financial break through. My other 2 kids want to play sports but they can’t because of my work schedule. Please pray for a rearrangement in my life for the sake of my children.

I have a great ambition of being a creater, a helper within idealistic to promote more jobs. I know I’m not serving my purpose but I need prayer for guidance to get to where I need to be. I have been through some things with my children but we are blessed in our home we just recently moved in last year and I thank God for my landlord Joan Patridge and her co worker Sharon. ..God knows I appreciate them so much. It seems like something is missing and the devil is still trying to stop it and I need you to pray for us a breakthrough so I can work where God has needed me to be. I am hungry for the Lord and I need u to help us in God son Jesus name Amen

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