Open his heart and guide him to me

by Laura (Delaware)

Heavenly Father, there has to be a reason you brought Josh and I together exactly when you did. You blessed us with an instant connection and a beautiful friendship when we were both at a new turning point in our lives. Please let him realize how deep my love is for him and open his heart to receiving love from me and giving it in return, as it was in the beginning. Please do not let the return of his former fiancee bring our growing love and connection to an end. I am guilty of nothing but loving and supporting this man unconditionally and he is deserving of a fresh start with someone who will support him no matter what. Please bring us together in love in a way that will honor You and is free from sin. Please do not punish me for the feelings I have in my heart. You brought him to me, please keep him with me. Please ease his mind from this difficult decision and let her go in peace and love. This difficult journey has brought me closer to You and I pray that you please hear me. Please allow us to move forward in a positive direction. I will never forget to thank you for bringing such a blessing into my life and for answering my petition and my faith will only grow and remain stronger forever, for only You can guide he and I through this. With all my love, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.