Open Her Heart

by SLB (Ontario)

Our dear Lord in Heaven, Thank you for everything in my life. Forgive me for all of my sins from the past, present and future. I turn to you in this most difficult time in my life asking for your help. I am confident you listen to me praying to you and help me when I am in need.

Jesus Christ, mend my broken heart and bring my sunshine Debbie back to me. Thank you for everything in my life. I love her with all my heart and soul, I did not realize what she meant to me and due to some mistakes on my behalf and misunderstanding we broke up and I lost my sunshine. Both of our stubborn ways got the better of us as well. Please God open the doors for me and Debbie to be together and grow as a loving family with her boys. Open her heart and make her realize how much I love her.

Please God, open the doors for us to live a life of love and happiness. She’s not only someone that I love but she is my soul mate and best friend. I will follow the path of marriage with Debbie to live happy as a family. God you gave me my heart to love, so you know how much I love her.

I ask in the name of Jesus for you to help us communicate to work out the issue, to move the mountains that stand between us, so we can once again be together again. Please answer my prayer. Thank you God.

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