Only God can save me now

by Showkat Akash (Northampton, United Kingdom)

For years I have suffered. My life from the childhood was bit complicated. My mother married a muslim guy who abandoned us. As a father he’s never with her so my mother had to work like a dog day to night to raise us. I had sent to boarding school as there’s no one to care me and never had a love or care from parents.

There’s no childhood for me. For years I have been tortured, beaten, abused and bullied in boarding school of different countries. But never lost hope. I wrote books which were published in my mom’s country and also had produced song thats awaiting for sponsors. Im in UK now with a student visa. My mom is getting old, and she’s at her 63 years age. I’m 20. My brother became an addict as there’s no one to care him at home, but I was saved by Jesus grace that I was raised in schools. I am not allowed to work in UK as government rules. I need quick UK citizenship as I don’t want my mother to struggle anymore. All of the crush and tears from our family should end with a peaceful certainty and brand new beginning. I have joined church as I want God to answer my prayer quickly. I can’t sleep, eat or drink. My flesh is getting quicker as I’m living in a fear of being thrownout from UK.

I promised God, I will bring my family members to the Light of God if I get a chance to stay here. My generation will rejoice as christian and all the pain will ease-out. So much pain! So much suffering with unknown curse! I can feel God can hear me and for this UK citizenship issue, no one but except God can help.

I need people to pray for me, as I tired to commit suicide as my prayer are not being answered by God and I’m running out of time.
If I’m being thrownout from this country perhaps I will choose to die rather than upsetting my mom again.

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