Only Almighty can do for me.

by Michael (Chennai, India)

My Dear heavenly Father and my blessed virgin mother. I know I am your child you have created me for a purpose. I love U and thank U so much for what U have given to me in this world. U gave me good parents, nourished me, educated me and gave me good life partner every second in my life I should say thanks to U for all that U have given to me. But still my life was meaningless without children and job. Me and my husband were waiting for four years for that miracle to be happened my Lord please given me children and make us mother and father (parents). We will be good parents to our children and make them Ur instruments. No one in this world can do this miracle to us except U my Lord. Please my heavenly Father makes us a complete family as you where in this world like holy family Mother Mary, Father Joseph and U my Jesus.

My heavenly Father give me a suitable Job, so that I can help my family and others who are in need. Please give me a good health to continue my job and also to do all my day to day activities.
Please hear us oh Lord…..

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