On my knees begging for your help.

by Broken Girl (God Knows)

Lord, you opened the gateway for me to get to the country he lives in. Just two more steps and I will be there.

Now I Jesus name is BEG I HOPE AND I PRAY that you restore my relationship with Leo. You are looking over me, you can see the many temptations and how much Satan is trying to tear him away from me but I know you have the power to banish satan from in and around our relationship.

Lord, I beg of you remove all the temptations bring leo and i closer together I know father in heaven king of kings I know that you can do it so please i go on my knees and i beg of you return him to me please!!!!!!

Help us find our way back to eachother!! I swear to you if you do this i will NEVER turn my back on you again NEVER. I will open leo’s eyes to god’s love as well I ask this in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit AMEN!!! Please please give me the miracle I need amen!!!!