On Finding Ever-Lasting Love

by Yvonne (Mississauga)

Loving, Compassionate, and All Knowing God and Saviour,

Thank You, and all the angels and saints in heaven, for the burden you have lifted from my shoulders. Thank You all for the new beginning You given to me. I celebrate this. Above all, I celebrate Your miracle wonders.

Lord, in the past I doubted You. I doubted the power of prayer. I didn’t think You heard me, and maybe I just wasn’t listening like I should have been. God, I promise to listen better. To keep more of an open heart and open mind to Your wonders. I know you hear me, and my prayers. I feel excited to share Your miracles with my friends and family.

I pray today for Your continued love and support, and I pray especially that You help me find a husband. Help me loving God to find that man that is meant for me.

Help me find a husband who will be my support, who will love me unconditionally, who will give me strength to be the best and the most beautiful person that I can be. Help me find the husband whom I will be physically attracted to, who will be taller than me, who will be successful and positive in everything he does, and who believes in You God, who believes in marriage and Goodness, and who will spend the rest of his life in partnership with me. Help me feel the same way about him, and let me be his match wherein I am everything he has always prayer for in a wife.

I pray to You God that You guide this man in my direction and give him the frame of mind to listen to Your voice. Loving God, all of my angels and saints in heaven, I pray to you to help me find this everlasting love.


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