On behalf of Armando Alonso

by Carolina ()

Gm update on dad. He is still in critical condition & didn’t have a great night. He is stable, but nurse had to increase his blood pressure medication & put him on a second blood pressure medication. He is still on 100% ventilator saturating at 99-100, they tried to come down to 90% & he starts to desaturate into 88-89. Nurse said he has been fighting a fever for the last 5-6 hours. I asked of the fever could be associated to the gtube placement, she said it could be or it can very well be another infection he has caught as his immune system is so low he is prone to getting infection. Although they have him on 3 different antibiotics to prevent infection. His labs came back & according to nurse there is no significant change. Xrays are not in yet. Please pray things turn around for dad. He was doing so much better the last couple days. I pray that he has a good day, that his fever goes away & it doesn’t have anything to do with an infection. I pray his oxygen saturation will slowly start to improve again & that his lungs can heal enough to put him on the road to recovery. I pray he can remain stable & they can come back down on the medication they have him on. God is great! I know he will heal my dad, he will send us the miracle dad needs. He will bring dad back to is safe & sound. 🙏🏻 Amen.

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