Older couple looking for prayer

by Tim (St. Michael, MN)

My wife and I are and older couple. We have many things that have gone on that resulted in our not actively trying. We realized time was getting short as wife is 47 and I am nearing 51. Right now things are near impossible.

This is my prayer:

Lord Heavenly father,
Please bless me and my wife with a children. Bring us together. Help us to get through our personal and emotional barriers and physical barriers. Forgive use for our sins and day to day self focus that cost us time and put us in this place. Bring us together to conceive children. Lord, you now that we believe your promise given to my wife on 911 where she saw and image of two children. Lord please work in our bodies, bring us together and bring us the children that may be a blessing. Lord, you know that we will dedicate children to you. Help us in the battle Lord. Help us to trust you. Keep us on your path and in your way. Give us wisdom and protection.

Lord Heavenly father, you are the giver of life. I and we submit to you that you may grant us the gift of life so that we may demonstrate your love and that they may serve you.

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