Oh! Lord, save my Friendship!!

by Smart Doc (India)

Dear God, I pray for healing in a broken friendship with a very very close friend of mine. He is so so precious to me, and I love & care about him very much. He’s like a god father to me. I understand that I’ve made mistakes that have caused this friendship to break & have hurt him , and I pray for Your forgiveness for what I’ve done. I miss my best friend! 🙁 I never will get someone like him who takes care of me like his own kid& that’s how people ask us if we were father& a son !

I pray that You may touch his heart and speak to him, so that he may desire healing in our friendship as well. I thank You for blessing me with my friendship with hi& it was the best thing that ever happened to me after my parents & siblings& I pray that communication between us may be restored and anything that may not be allowing this communication may be removed, and if it is a person ( that’s what I think it is) preventing communication between us, I pray that they may find it in their heart to allow me and my friend to communicate again.

I pray that any anger, any feelings of resentment, any feelings of discomfort, any feelings of sadness, and any other negative feelings between me and him may be removed. Please grant me the understanding, patience, wisdom, and peace needed for this situation to resolve. I pray also that the same may be granted for him as well. And please end my unhappiness & sorrow.

Please help me to keep trusting You and that I will not lose faith in You and that I will not lose hope that this situation can be resolved, that this friendship can be restored, and that nothing is impossible with You and for You. I humbly ask all these things Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please, If anybody reading this could please pray this for me, I would appreciate it greatly. God bless you all!

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