Oh Lord, please help us!!

by Lois (Louisiana)

Oh Lord, we come to you as humbly as we know how. Please have mercy on our soul. Allow us to have guidance in the endeavor we are facing. We will be experiencing something we have never imagined we would be experiencing. Please help, lead, guide, comfort and protect us as we travel the sky. Please protect us as we walk on land we never walked on.

We know that the world is your big backyard. So help us to feel the calmness we need. You said you would give us a peace that will surpass all understanding. You made everything and control all things. You are omniscient, omnipresent and immutable. You are holy, just, righteous and truth. Please bless every move we make, every person we come in contact with. Bless the home we will be living in while we are away from our families.

Keep us safe and bring us back home to our families. We love you, Lord. We trust you, Lord, We believe in your holy Word. You said, Lo, I will be with you always, even until the end of the world. Be with us. You said you will never leave us. Thank you for not leaving us…..Thank you for this answered prayer. In your name we pray…Amen

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