Oh Lord Please Help Me Out of this hell

by Bikash (Abu Dhabi)

Dear Lord,

Please help me out of this current situation, which is killing me every second and I feel committing suicide. I have no other way left. In my good times I took loans only to help save the life of a child but could not pay the dues in time due to highly irregular salary.

Now the banks have registered a criminal case against me and I cannot even renew my visa to stay in this country. I could not attend my own sister’s marriage due to travel ban. Now I lost a good job offer too due to the criminal case against me. Oh Lord please help me out I never thought that I will be landing up in such difficulties. Please save me Lord.

Have I committed a crime in saving the life of a child. Why are you torturing me? I can’t tolerate any more Lord. Please take away my life and give me death which is much better than the life which I am leading.

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