Oh Lord, Please Come to My Assistance

by Robin ()

Lord Jesus, I adore you and your most Sacred Heart. Hide me within your heart and heal me from the spiritual battles raging for my soul. Help me avoid falling into despair because of our current situation. It seems like everything is crashing around me, Lord. Shelter me within your most Sacred Heart. I normally don’t ask for money, you know this. I was always taught it was wrong. Lord Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have to ask you for it now. I don’t need to be rich. I just need enough money to get us out of debt and out of this dangerous, unhealthy house and into a home I can take care of and where my animals feel safe and not in danger of illness because of our house. And yes, I worry about that with my husband, too. I’m asking for enough money to pay off Mom & Dad’s home so she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore, and to pay for Dad’s stay in the memory facility when he needs to go. He is almost at that point, Lord, and he needs to have cared for all the time. Lord Jesus, your most Sacred Heart knows my heart. I am not obsessed with the girls; I am obsessed with getting them out of foster care. It kills me every day to know that because of this house, I cannot get them out. Lord, why must they pay for the sins of their parents, and for their recklessness in addiction and lack of caring for those girls enough to get clean and stay that way? Lord, in your most Sacred Heart, protect them when I cannot, and know that I love them and want them to be with family. Even if I don’t get them, Lord, please let some member of our family step up and step in. They will be loved and safe and able to remain within the family. Your most Sacred Heart knows the love we all have for them. Please help us. I want to help Aunt M so she doesn’t have to worry about retirement and the surgeries she needs. I want to help K with her house because she is getting up in years, too, and can’t go on like this forever. I want to pay off my student loans because I took them out in good faith. I didn’t anticipate not being able to finish college because of my illness, but those loans are mine. They shouldn’t have to be discharged, but they are because I cannot afford the repayments. I cannot work. I cannot do anything because of this illness. I accept the will of the Father in all these matters, though Lord, I still beg you to whisper into his ear and ask for this for me. Please. He loves you and adores you, and will not deny what you ask. Through the merits of your Sacred Heart, please pray and ask for this assistance. I’m begging you. Lord, I pray and ask all these things through the merits of your most Sacred Heart. Please hear my prayers and come to my assistance. I love you, Lord Jesus. Amen!

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