Oh Heavenly Father Of All In Need

by Donna Martin (Florida)

Oh Heavenly Father above all that live, and breathe, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the ski. The top and the bottom. The beginning and the end. Have mercy on us of Son of the highest power of all. Bless our goodness and change our weakness. Give us hope and joy in each and every day even when it seems so far. Have mercy oh God of love, of patience, of kindness for all. Help us with each and every need, of each and every day. Help us sell the home or the building we need help to do so. Give us our daily bread and may we not forget where each meal comes from. Help us to be grateful, even with we have a hard time doing so. We pray for your mercy. We pray for your protection. We pray that you give us the capibility to love, not hate. To give, not keep. To hope, not give up. To be thankful, as we always should. Oh to the greatest of all may we not be so egotistical that we can not understand that we are not the highest of power. That God above of all love and kindness far exceeds any power that we could ever have, but in this power his mercy rules above all of our weaknesses. He is the God of love..show us oh God how to love in a world that love is farther away. Come to our rescue. Love us more. Forgive us our short comings. Give us direction. Sell our building. Thank you for doing so. Thank you for the gift of hope.

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