Oh God, please restore the bigger me

by Katy (California, USA)

I am more than that small thing I did

And smarter than that dumb thing I said.
I’m wiser than the bad choice I made,
And stronger than the weak me you see.
I am truer than the faithless words that passed my lips,
And I’m braver than the easy path I took.

I was anyway.
Do you remember?
Do you recall that me that I was going to become?

Do you remember when I sang a song of easy grace inside my heart,
And I offered help with no strings or words attached?
Do you remember when I was so joyful that it made you smile,
And I stood up when sitting down was small and mean?
Do you recall when I was so kind that it made you glad,
And so loving that you loved me even more?

Oh God, please restore the bigger me.
Because the smaller me is taking all the room.