Obeying Jesus

by Isaac ()

I love Jesus and I want to obey him. My mother-in- law just passed away yesterday. I love her very much. But my wife wouldn’t let me see her or talk to her about 7 months before she died. And she wouldn’t let her brother and his family see her either . I moved out from her because she was constantly putting me down and telling me what a horrible human being I am . I made many mistakes but I never verbally abused her or touched another woman when I was with her. I did however lust after other women and occasionally talk to them. I asked her for forgiveness but she wouldn’t forgive me . I asked if we could go for counseling because even though I moved out I never left her in my heart. But she wouldn’t forgive me. She is shockingly controlling. Everything has to be her way , all the time. She knows how much I love my mother- law . So She was punishing me and other family members by not letting us see her. As well as she not even letting me know that she ( my mother- in- law ) had died. She is a cold hearted woman and won’t even talk to me because I told her that I will not let her continue to abuse me. That’s when she said “ it’s over . I don’t know why I still love such an abusive human being, and want God to heal our marriage. But I do . I have seen her do amazing acts of kindness, love and charity. But when she disagrees with me, or anyone, I have seen her face turn very demonic, and spits out the most horrible and Satanic things she can think of, to destroy me. Or anyone in her path . I am not perfect by any means. Please don’t get me wrong. I have many faults and shortcomings but I cry out to God every day and ask him to help me. And deliver me from lust and everything in my life that is not like him . We both are saved but I’m willing to repent , forgive and to obey God but she isn’t. She says that she still loves me , as still love her. But it’s either her way or the highway. She refuses to pray out loud . She reminds me of someone who used to be in a cult but was never delivered. Even though she is saved. She told me that she used to be a Church Of Christ Member ( which is a cult ) . But then she later said that she never said that . My Mother- in- law , was also in that cult . I begged my wife to let me minister to her for a long time . She finally let me minister to her. And I led my precious mother-in law- in the sinners prayer and she accepted Jesus as her Lord And Saviour , before she died . I know that this is a very long text but this has weighed on my heart for so long, that I just had to let it out. One more thing. God has blessed me with an original one man gospel musical play , about the last days .Which is entitled “ Heaven Can’t Wait No Mo “ ( no typo ) . No Mo is correct. You can see excerpts from it on YouTube. I have received phenomenal reviews for it . However I don’t have a promoter for my show. I would like prayer for my marriage to be healed and blessed. As well as our health , finances, ministries ( We have a school and feeding program in Africa ) my career, and both of us to always put God first. Obey him always and be totally delivered from stubbornness and rebellion. Thank you for your kindness and patience . Sincerely- Isaac Clay

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