Obese and Diabetic

by Gail (Mullins, SC, USA)

I am 36 years old, obese, and diabetic. I have stopped taking care of myself. I have all but given up on myself. My desire or rather, my prayer request is that I would be cured of my hormonal and physical condition. I am not healthy nor happy. I also have bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. I need to learn how to eat better. It all started just over four years ago when all of this came upon me at once. I know there are others who are worse off, but I need help. I have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual troubles such as pain and type 2 diabetes. I am asking God to heal me. I need help now because I have been swollen as of late and it is obviously no fun being swollen and in pain. It has been like this ever since this past weekend. I have also been depressed about my weight. Please help me.