o you may have eternal life I sent down my son as a full sacrifice

by Sian (Bedford)

There once was a child with innocence in her eyes, bore into this word which was corrupt and full of lies.

She was always shown love, so that’s all she ever knew, so what was imparted in her she would give to others too.
Along she went to school with that same innocence in her eyes, ready to sit in her classroom to be educated full of surprise.
What this girl didn’t know is that everything she was about to see, was going to bring her further, away from reality.
Book taught knowledge, to fill our worldly brain, to give us all this power, so we believe we could rule and reign.
She kept climbing this ladder, to make it to the top, bumping others on the way because to be successful we must never stop.
Now she made it to CEO but felt so empty inside, so scared to say anything as she was so full up with pride.
Sitting on a marble floors with money in her bank, with nothing but material around her and a heart that’s oh so blank.
What does love feel like again? It’s been along time since she would know.
Because that pride that was on the inside would always always show.
On her knees she cried out, oh what’s this all for?
I long to feel that love again I felt when I was 4.
Weeping, wailing, crying on her knees she fell to the floor. I wish I could be a child again, I feel I had so much more.
Please somebody tell me, where to go from here, I have been climbing a ladder to find freedom but instead I have found so much fear.
I just want to be free again, no chains, no bondage, no holds.
I’m willing to give it all up I just wish somebody would hear.
Then just as she surrendered it all, she was hit by a power of love.
A glimpse of her childhood came flooding back so she jumped and a slung her head to above.
Her deliverer was stood in front of her, with the keys in his hand.
If your willing to follow me my child then you will fully understand.
There is no fear in me and if you follow me you will see, that if I live in you, you can also live in me.
My plans for you involve love, my plans invole joy, my plans give you life and the enemy we will destroy.
For he gave you pride and he gave you fear, but I am your healer and he has no place here.
So lay down your plans and lay down your rights, I will fill you with love because in you I delight.
She looked into his bright eyes and said. Why me?
Because I want you with me for Eternity.
My beautiful child so you may have eternal life I sent down my son as a full sacrifice.
You want to know his name?
Lord Jesus Christ