O lord fogive me

by God's Child (India)

O Lord,

I am in love with my friend Jeena. We are always together. Lord I want to marry Jeena and I know she also wants that. If I have ever do any mistake then forgive us.

But I have seen a lot of dream with her. Please help me to make the dreams come true. Everything is possible in your grace Lord. I am now prayer and Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. I love her too much and I will take care of her till my last breath. Please send your holy spirit to save our relationship in to marriage. Lord you are the only one in my life who listen me always and do miracles in my life. Destroy any bondage and obstacles between us ans help us to love each other. Make me available for her with my work too.

And I am thankfull to all saints, Loving Angels to protect our relationship for ever and giving me the precious gift Jeena. I love you lord and You are always in my heart. I am open to all miracles done by you for my love to be renewed and make us together.

I pray in the name of Jesus.

Please help me.