Not Sure

by Ronald ()

To start off with, I am a 69 Y/O male my wife is 49 Y/O. Recently we allowed my daughter, husband and 3 SMALL children to move in with us. Cause they do not have the money to sustain a living style to live on. But also due to the grandbabies (7, 4 and 1 y/o) we let then move in. And of course we love them very much. Then shortly afterwards SHE allowed her son and girlfriend to move in cause he cannot get along with his girlfriends mom. But it seems that he goes back a forth on the living part from us to her and back to us again when things do not go as he wants.
We also had them ALL sign a contract for pay us “X” amount each month along with buying food.
Both are lazy and DO NOT want to hold a job and just live off us. I am trying to make it as uncomfortable as possible so they find something so they WILL move out and also have prayed that this will happen.
After that long drawn out explanation, I need prayers to help me sustain my level of sanity and feel as though I always HAVE to remind them to clean up after themselves.
I just need PRAYERS to help me get through all of this trouble and confusion. To help me to look on the brighter side.

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