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Our life is like a movie no really. So our life is now about being attacked scratched pulled and distance. I have been reading and writing over and over again. My husband and I plus our kids live in a hotel in the mean time . But we have been here for months . At first our lives where yeah stressful but a everyday normal routine. Now it’s scarred everywhere. We see evoke spirits shadows objects moving and throwing. It won’t leave us alone and getting stronger and stronger to the point as I’m writing this yesterday morning one went though me and felt so much pain for a few seconds felt like life time. And felt it was Stuck on me for hours until I got so tired I feel asleep. My husband got thrown across the room and landed on our roku tv . We have done everything prayed still going to church sage positive thoughts and doings. But nothing works . We have let the manager know what’s going on she literally said I’m crazy. I tried to have people come to our room to investigate and have herd from the yet been a month. But I we need help praying whatever I’m at my last rope with this. I as a mother will always as they say protect. And mother’s will lift a car for there children and I will . Even though yes I’m more of the vulnerable one and I’m the one that gets most of the attacks I still am strong to protect family friends kids who ever. So crying begging and grateful to get anything from anyone in this world. Thank you and as well I gave the short story on this because I could write five books one on night and the things that happens. Thank you so much and my god bless and protect you

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