No Weapons Form Against me Shall Prosper

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I would really like to request prayers for myself. I apologize for bothering your site. I am in need of prayers. I recently transition to my new job after supervising a 911 center. I love saving lives but i moved on to a different part of the department. I am still saving lives in person instead of answering the phones. When i left the 911 center I haven’t had an issue with anyone. some folks didnt like me because I wrote them up for not doing their job. And than I have a new manager that have wondering eyes and would starred at the women at work which i addressed the issue. I guess my manager held a grudge against me for addressing the issue when i use to be in the dispatch center. Now I am in a completely different field, I still inter-act with the center i have to go inside and check on the system etc. now he would have everyone at the center turned against me and to document what time i come and go inside the center. He stated I am causing negative attitude inside the center when i get there. but as God is my witness I only said hello and hi to the dispatchers and they asked how my new job is. I told them its amazing I love it. so granted, I would strike conversations with the dispatcher because they use to be my colliques and employees

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