No seperation as a consequence Lord

by Wen ()

Dear Jesus , I am praying and asking you to intercede my prayers to our Heavenly Father. I have made an awful mistake and I know that there will be consequences, but I pray and plead with you, I am suplicating to you, answer my prayers dear Jesus that there will be no seperation from my family, not for a day, Lord. Heavenly Father I believe in you with all of my heart and I know that with You nothing is impossible,

I have prayed for Your mercy Lord. I ask you Lord to please touch the hearts of those whom make this decision to have mercy on me to feel Your light as I have. I vow never to flee away from You my Father, never again, for without You I am lost and undone. I pray Lord please answer my prayer, no jail time my Lord, I pray with all of my heart dont seperate me from my family , I pray in Jesus Christ Amen.