No more tests, no more storms

by Connie ()

Please pray for my fiance Mike and myself. He is out of town for his work. We are not young. We are 50. It’s time to settle down and be at home together every night. It’s time for stability. I’m having a very difficult time coping with the separation. I’m not praying for strength to get through the storm, I’m praying for togetherness. I’m tired and I just want clear skies and peace. I don’t want to get through the storm because I don’t think it’s necessary that there even should be a storm. I’ve proven my devotion and I’ve proven my strength. I certainly don’t need any more tests. Mike’s burned out of this job. Circumstances have changed in our lives and we are not in a place to move away from Virginia at this time. But You’ve got him in Mississippi? This doesn’t make sense to me and he needs to come home. I’m tired of fighting this fight in my mind. I’m tired of things going so smoothly and growing and then getting him pulled away. I’ve had enough. I don’t care if I have separation anxiety. I’m not going to try to cure or heal it anymore. I’m 50 and enough is enough with this garbage. I want him back home. If it’s time for another job so be it. Bring it to him. Guide him to it. I hate the company he works for, the disruption it causes in our lives and the lies they tell people to keep them enslaved. I’m not going to pray for strength through the storm. Forget it. I’m going to go before the throne of Almighty and merciful God and pray for breakthrough and earth-shaking peace if that makes sense. Bring him home on Friday and don’t send him back. In Jesus precious and beautiful name, I pray Amen

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