no money and no income

by Judith (South Africa)

Dear God, it’s been a year since I was last employed. I have nothing, no money and no income. Everything I have tried has failed. Bill’s are mounting. My children and I live like beggars. My marriage has failed. My son cannot go back to school because there is no money. I am afraid of losing the only home we have because the mortgage has not been serviced. I am a sinner LORD, please forgive me. Have mercy on me. Please help me and my children. Please open a door for me to get employment and income, I cannot go on suffering like this. It hurts me that my children have no food and clothing. I know you are an all powerful God, and that there is nothing too difficult for you. I need you to come through for me please, enable me to give to the Kingdom and be a blessing to others. Father please do not delay, I need you to personally intervene, please change my story, please be with me. I need to feel your embrace, love and provision. El Shaddai Adonai, Jehovah Jireh, please reveal yourself in my life. Please answer. I pray for all these in the name of Jesus.