No hope left, wishing everything can end soon, not able to live anymore

by Bolo (Mexico)

Dear lord, I am using this place of hope for the despaired asking for your help. I don’t wish to live anymore, I’m tired of it all, tired of fighting, please let me know if this is the end, and if it is I beg you to take me by your side and stop this suffering.

Ever since I was a child I have found life very difficult to cope with, I survived alcoholism and a divorce but now I am completely alone in this world, except for my 3 dogs that I will know they will be taken care of. Please don’t let me take my own life, I beg you to take me by your side if my mission in life is over.

If it is your will that I should stay here a little more, please then let me know what you want from me, relieve me from this despair and give me a reason to live, I plead humbly.